A little bit about me

Hello – welcome to the Boring Life.

My name is Alex and I’m 24 years old.

Before you ask, I’m not single – sorry.

I’m an accountant that works in central London who spends his time outside of work either exercising, eating, sleeping or avoiding social interactions.

That being said, I do love people… just at a distance. Loving the C-19 quarantine lifestyle.

But seriously, my main goal for this blog is to educate and hopefully help people get a better understanding of how they can improve their health and fitness.

So why did I start a blog?

Initially, I’ll be honest – it was because I felt really guilty about playing too much Xbox (although I’m legally required to let you know there are other games consoles on the market).

I was bored of spending my time rather than investing it.

Following the completion of my accountancy exams (which I had been studying for the past five years), I felt that I wasn’t really doing anything useful with my time and wanted to help people in some way, shape or form.

I also wanted a challenge – in my photo above, that’s me in my skydiving gear. I should say, I have only done one skydive and it scared the shit out of me. Bit of a weird flex but I loved the feeling of achieving something I didn’t think I could do and I feel like making a successful blog is up there on the list of things I don’t think is achievable for me.

But let’s see how we go.

What’s my story?

I’m a pretty average guy – besides my incredible personality.

I have had my setbacks and my struggles but let’s be honest, who hasn’t.

Life was fairly simple during my Sixth Form days – I was a grade A student and didn’t really have that much to worry about. However, I started to develop anxiety during my final A level exams and as a result, completely flopped them. I didn’t get any of the university offers that I had hoped for (I had applied for Exeter and Bristol to study Maths at the time) and I also had two school leaver job offers from two of the top accountancy firms in London. The positions were conditional on getting certain grades which I didn’t get. Instead I got to wash dishes in the back room of a pub :) Anxiety 1 – Alex 0.

So my goal at this point was just to get back into a top accountancy firm. At that time, the job market was pretty shitty and I didn’t have great A-levels or a degree so somehow needed to find someone willing to let me study my exams and get paid at the same time.

My CV was a bit of a joke so I just spammed every finance company in a two mile radius of Central London everyday after my pub shift had ended. I probably sent about 300 emails, got two responses and one interview. Fortunately, that one interview became my first big boy job. Anxiety 1 – Alex 1.

It came at a bit of a cost though – the salary was barely enough to cover my travel and I was given an exam allowance to study my AAT that covered the costs of my books and one exam entry – I even had to take the exam day as holiday from work. For reference, standard training contracts cover you to have the exam day off, a few weeks of study leave and day release to college to study in a classroom. Anxiety 1 – Alex 1.5ish.

After that, I went on to a slightly larger firm who funded me to do my next set of exams – this is probably where I learnt the most in my career. I stayed there to complete most of my exams and they employed me for the majority of my trainee career.

Finally after five years, numerous calls with recruitment agencies and countless updates to my CV, I managed to get a job at a top London accountancy firm and back where I had originally intended to be. Anxiety 1 – Alex 2.

What’s that got to do with the blog?

Well I’m glad you asked that Becky. 

I’m going for the hat-trick. I want to make it Anxiety 1 – Alex 3. I believe that creating a successful blog and helping people who are not where they want to be in life, I will finally be able to close that door on that part of my life.

I hope you continue on from here and read what I have to offer on this blog – if you find any of it helps you in any way, drop me a message. I’d love to hear how you’re improving yourself too.

~ Alex