7 Ways To Have A Great Morning, Every Morning!

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Like most mornings, I’m rudely woken up by my alarm because apparently, employers appreciate punctuality. Unfortunately for most, this is a view taken by the majority of places so forcing yourself out of bed is non-negotiable.

I have 7 tried and tested things that you can add into your morning routine to help make every morning, a great morning:

1. Make your bed

If you’re not already doing this and you’re over the age of 18… I feel for your mother. However, making the bed is a sure-fire way to start the day off on the right foot. Although it may seem like a small and meaningless task, it actually gives you a small sense of achievement and instils an element of rigidity into your mornings.

This sense of achievement early on in the day will subconsciously encourage you to keep this momentum going and keep you ticking those boxes off that are on your todo list.

2. Don’t skip brekkie

If you’ve lived in the UK, you’ve definitely been raised being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As much as I hate being an adult, the mature people are right.

Typical breakfast foods such as oats, fruit juices and dairy products such as milk and yoghurt all contain important micronutrients that you may struggle to get in other food sources you eat throughout the day.

Oats are a great source of fibre and keep you full until lunch. This also helps you stop snacking so has a side benefit of aiding weight-loss. Fruit juices contain an assortment of ‘fun’ vitamins, namely Vitamin C which is key to fighting off illnesses and dairy products are rich in calcium which ‘makes bones grow stronger-er’ – shout out to my petit filous fans.

3. Take a good multivitamin

Currently, I just take the basic Boots A-Z minerals but there are so many available on the market. As an independent working man, I’m constantly on the go and as a result, I struggle to fit my recommended daily dosage of fruit and vegetables.

Supplementing your diet with multivitamins is ideal for someone like me as it ensures I don’t become vitamin deficient if I’m missing any key fruit or veg from my diet. 

I want to emphasis that these should be taken as a supplement and not a replacement for the green stuff. I would much prefer to get my micronutrients directly from food, however, if you’re always on the go then this will help to keep you fighting fit and fresh each time you wake up.

4. Get your bag ready for tomorrow

There is nothing worse than waking up and remembering that you still need to get your bag ready for school/work.

This could be ranging from changing out your books for the lessons you’ve got today or making a packed lunch because the canteen is serving those nasty egg rolls that smell like morning breath.

Getting your bag ready the day before is crucial to keeping your mornings as stress-free as possible. Last-minute rushes will get you all flustered and may result in forgetting something really important, then it will be frowns all around.

5. Sleep like a champ

This may seem a little out of place here as this post is more geared after you’ve finished sleeping. However, sleep is probably the single most important thing to determine if you’re going to have a great morning. 

Sleeping allows your body to make vital repairs so that you wake up fully recovered and fresh for another day of existence. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between 7 and 9 hours – this increases for teenagers and children as they not only need to recover but also grow.

Some quick tips of getting a better nights sleep are to sleep in a pitch-black room, spray lavender onto your pillows and take a nice warm shower/bath before getting into bed. I’m planning on doing a post about sleep in more detail at some point

6. Give yourself some breathing room

Allowing a small buffer of between 5 and 10 minutes can not only give you a little bit of reassurance that if you really need to hit that snooze button that it won’t be detrimental to your day, but it can also allow you some time to add in a new habit that you haven’t considered trying.

My personal preference is to meditate. I like to keep my mind completely clear and calm before I wedge myself into a successful businessman’s armpit and ride the train into the city (I like to think that they’re a successful businessman as it makes me feel better about the situation).

If you’re not into meditating, you could try learning a new language or something similar. I’ve used the free language app Duolingo when I went through a phase of trying to master German and I found that you could take on a lot of information and retain it well if you only do 5-10 minutes per day.

7. Finally… keep it simple

I’m not saying that you need to take all of my advice and implement every one of these things in your morning routine tomorrow. Just adding one or two things is a great way to go. Everyone has a different morning routine so some points may not be appropriate to 100% of people reading this.

After all, the best routine is a routine that you can stick to for the long run so if you try to over-complicate it with all these new ideas, it’s likely to go down in flames. Keep it simple and manageable and try not to overthink it.

If you have any other things that you do in your morning routine that you’d like to share, please do comment and let me know!

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