5 Fitness Apps That Every 9-5 Worker Should Have

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5 Must Have Fitness Apps For The Working Professional

Working a 9-5 plus juggling looking after kids, let alone yourself can take up a considerable amount of your time (if not all)!

With this in mind, I want to run you through the ‘must-have’ apps for your smartphone in order to keep on top of your weight-loss goals whilst also not taking up too much of your precious time.

The key things I track whilst on the go are:

  • Calories;
  • Workouts;
  • Steps;
  • Weight; and
  • Sleep.

It’s worth noting that I only use the free versions of these apps. They do have a paid/premium version so you can assess how much functionality you’d like and make a decision. So without further ado, lets get into it:

1. MyFitnessPal

If you’re worried about watching what you’re eating then this app is essential.

The app lets you track everything you’re eating during the day and gives you a meal by meal breakdown of the calories you’ve consumed.

It has an amazing database of food which makes it perfect for tracking any and all foods you’ve eaten without much of the admin work required.

2. RepCount

This is the app I like to use to track all of my workouts. It’s available on both Android and iOS so the majority of smartphones will be able to access it.

It’s super straight forward to use and it allows you to input your desired workout routine. It also gives you the historic weights/reps achieved when you go onto the workout the next time round.

Whether it’s progressive overload you’re looking to achieve or just a fast HIIT workout – RepCount has you covered.

3. Fitbit

The Fitbit app can be interchangeable depending on whatever app you’re using to track your steps.

I personally have the Fitbit Versa – it’s great for tracking my heart rate, steps, my interval workouts and cardio. I also use this to track my weight as the graphs they have are really insightful.

If you don’t have the luxury of owning a fitness watch or any wearable smart gear that tracks your steps, most smartphones have this function built in.

You will need to bear in mind that your smartphone will only track steps taken whilst you are carrying the phone so it may not be completely accurate for the day.

Talking of tracking weight… this leads me nicely onto the next app.

4. Happy Scale

Unfortunately, this is only available on iOS. If you have an Android and you are using the MyFitnessPal app to track your food, there is also a weight tracking element in there so this is probably the next best thing.

Happy Scale takes your weight and automatically calculates the moving average for you and gives you your weight loss stats for a week, month and 3 months.

If you’re in the minority of people who don’t own a smartphone – don’t fear! You can simply note down your weights with a pen and paper.

However, the theme of this post is to save time worrying about tracking fitness so I’m not sure this would fit this post’s brief.

5. Sleep Cycle

So we’ve covered apps to that track your calories, your weight and your workouts.

The final (and arguably most important) component of the factors attributing to overall fitness is your sleep.

This is by far my favourite sleep tracking app as it doubles up as my alarm clock for when I need to get up for work.

You simply switch it on, set the time you need to wake up and it tracks how you sleep! It also gives you a rating for your sleep so you can see how optimal you’ve slept.

Another great thing about this app is that on the weekends, it has an ‘Analyse Sleep Only’ function that allows you to wake up at your leisure and still track your sleep effectively.

Final Thoughts

I’m quite OCD with how I track my fitness. I want to track every aspect of my journey as – if you can track it, you can manage it!

You obviously don’t need to go into tracking your sleep or workouts, etc. but I wanted to include everything so you can mix and match which variables you want to track.

If you’ve got any other apps you like to use that makes monitoring your fitness easy whilst you’ve got to work a full day, please let a comment!

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