#1 Way To Stay Motivated

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From the title – it may seem like I’m promising a lot and to be honest, I think once you get to grips with what we’re about to go through, I can guarantee it will change how you approach your goals.

Goals can obviously vary from person to person but one thing that everyone will have in common is the need to have motivation in order to achieve them.

The best way to maintain motivation is through momentum. Momentum is built through achieving smaller goals that all progress towards a bigger end goal.

Throughout all of the business and accountancy exams, I’ve sat, the key theme for setting goals is simple… you’ve just got to be SMART!

Now, you’ll see how hilarious my last sentence was when I explain the pun – SMART stands for 5 simple things you need to consider when setting yourself any sort of goal or aim:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

I’ll use the example of myself and this blog to explain how I’m keeping myself motivated to work my full time job as well as run this site.


Obviously, when setting a goal it needs to be specific. Vague goals such as ‘I want this blog to do well’ or ‘I want lots of people to read my blog’ will not keep you motivated as there is no finish line in sight!

Rather I would say, I want to have 100 people read my blog. This is much more specific and leads nicely to the next point.


Carrying on with the ‘I want to have 100 people read my blog’ goal. This is measurable as I have tools provided by Google Analytics that allow me to see how many people have visited my blog, as well as the view counters at the bottom of each post.

A quick example of a goal that isn’t measurable is say ‘I want to grow my blog following’ – it’s more specific that ‘I want this blog to do well’ but again, no end goal to work towards.


This may seem a bit obvious but the goal actually needs to be achievable. This is similar to the next point but the key difference is you need to actually have the resources available to meet the goal.

If I set myself a goal of selling 10 e-books from this website – its not achievable because I simply haven’t created an e-book yet, so there is no way of this happening.


Similar to the above, setting yourself a realistic goal is probably the most important part of setting a goal that keeps you motivated.

The killer of motivation is when you’re set a goal (by yourself or someone else) that is never going to be achieved because it’s just not realistic.

Back to the blog example – if I set myself a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable but not realistic, it would look something like this:

I want to have 1,000,000 views of my first blog post before the end of the week…

I have been specific with what I want to achieve, I can measure the progress and I have the facilities to make it happen but within 6 days? when my top post has 20 views? Not going to happen…


This is the factor that allows you to put that finish line in your sights. You need to include some sort of time element for each of your goals.

Giving yourself a time limit also lets you benchmark how you’re doing as you’re going along – this is so important to maintain motivation and seeing whether you need to adjust any goals to make sure they’re realistic.

So to emphasise my point – here would be a great goal to try and hit with regards to this blog:

‘I want to make 5 posts in the next 5 days…’

This is specific, I can measure based on the amount of posts I’ve made, it’s achievable, realistic and I’ve given myself a time limit.

After 3 days, I know I want to have made 3 posts so this keeps me motivated to keep churning out blog posts.

I hope this helps you to set yourself some goals and keep you motivated to hit them!

If you’ve got any other ways you stay motivated, please do post them in the comments!

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